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I’m a professional DP working in high end TV. I have spent a fortune over the years on expensive “film industry apps” that looked good in the screenshots but turned out to be a quickly slapped together money maker with no thought or follow up support. Camlist is GENUINELY BRILLIANT, very intelligent, and produces beautiful PDFs reports which I’m not embarrassed to show to the production office. This will definitely replace my current system of hacked together spreadsheets and outliner documents. Highly recommended.
Ed Moore, BSC

A great example of an app that gives its user what they want as well as what they need; by being well laid out & clear it not only takes all the information a whole camera dept could ever need when building, maintaining, recalling and editing a kit list, it also serves to gently prompt us should we miss something. In short, a very well thought out, succinct & accomplished app that I'm sure will save us a lot of time for other tasks.
Matt Choules, GBCT

Really love this app and excited to implement it into my workflow! The comparison function between newer vs older orders is brilliant.
Aidan Gray, cmotion

Everyone here in Toronto is really getting excited about it, it will easily become a staple in our tools.
Chris Gruggen

I never would have thought how much fun it could be to compose (and update !) camera order lists. Now with this app it's a dream come true! Lots of clever features and compatibility checks, also already a huge amount of meta data integrated into the equipment items (resolution and technology for monitors, weight and capacity for batteries just to name a few important features) Very responsive developers with smart features in the pipeline! I cannot recommend this enough to anyone dealing with camera equipment professionally!
Jim Cramer

Prise en main rapide et instinctive, cette application facilite la vie des assistants caméra. Je peux à présent faire mes listes où et quand je veux et les partager rapidement. Les modifications des différents collaborateurs sont notifiées clairement, ce qui nous empêche de nous emmêler les pinceaux entre chaque version des listes. Merci aux développeurs pour cette (r)évolution !
Lucien Jacquelin, AOA

Votre appli est parfaite. On l’attendait depuis des années et vous l’avez faite. Bravo ! Je la recommande vivement. Elle vous aide, vous facilite la vie et vous fait gagner énormément de temps. Merci encore !
Jérôme Telo

I use the app almost everyday to collaborate with my focus puller and assistants. Collect all the info at the same time and then send it in. I add all my own gear to the app with price etc. The producers loves it. The app works like a checklist for equipment accessories format etc. etc. scroll thru all lenses to get a idea what you need. The new update works great. Templates make it so easy and quick to make the lists.
Niklas Johansson, FSF


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Compare easily two versions of your lists to highlight changes. Choose the « Compared version » when exporting in PDF

Take a look at the technical specifications of each item in catalog to help you choose between references (SmallHD 702 OLED in this example). If you need more details, you can access directly the product page on the manufacturer website

Prepare your lists with your crew thanks to the collaboration tool. Define authorizations for each collaborator, and get instant notifications when projects are modified

When you don’t find something in the catalog, don’t panic: you can create your own items. They are saved on your user account, and are available for all your projects, on all your devices

When making your list, warnings inform you about gear incompatibilities. It will help you to choose your lens set when shooting in full format for example, or not to forget a wider mattebox when using large filters

Manage easily your extra equipment. Check the Occasional switch on your item and set the dates you want: a reminder will be automatically created on your calendar. Then, set an alarm if you want to be sure not to forget booking it!

Apply filters to find easily items with given specifications, or type directly your references in the search bar

Manage your own equipment and keep track of your serial numbers. You can integrate them to your lists with a single click

Assign colored labels to your cameras to distinguish easily their crew and accessories

Browse your projects in the app’s calendar. Colored dots let you distinguish prep, shooting and wrap periods

Save your time when editing multi-camera lists: wether you’re adding or removing a camera, you can choose which accessories you want to add/remove with, depending on your list. In the same way, when you modify an item, you can apply the changes to similar items in a second

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About us

Camlist is developed by two french camera assistants, members of the Assistants Opérateurs Associés (AOA).
It took 4 years of development and tests before its release in December 2019 on the App Store. Downloaded in fifty countries, more than 1400 projects have already been prepared with Camlist, for Netflix, Amazon, HBO, TF1, France TV productions or yet feature films ans commercials.

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